About Russellville Regional Leadership Academy

What is Russellville Regional Leadership Academy?
It is an annual program of the Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce designed to identify, educate and motivate potential leaders to become involved in the future of our community. It is aimed at developing a pool of well-informed and well-motivated men and women qualified to assume present and future leadership roles in the Russellville area.

Why do we need Leadership?
The Russellville area is one of the major growth areas of Arkansas. New growth - both in terms of population and economy - means new problems, major new solutions to these problems and demands the involvement of informed and caring citizens. Russellville Regional Leadership Academy will offer informative learning opportunities in an atmosphere that stimulates participants to use both new and proven tools to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

What is the program?

The program consists of approximately fourteen sessions that include a kick-off retreat and orientation beginning in October. Sessions start in October and end in June. Included are programs on government, education, quality of life, healthcare, industrial development, non-profit agencies, team-building and leadership training.

What are the meeting dates, and where?
The program begins in October with a mandatory overnight retreat and orientation so participants may become better acquainted with each other. Sessions are to be scheduled each month. Sessions will be held in various locations suitable for the theme of a particular session’s topic (s).  It is essential that the applicant be able to commit the time required to attend the sessions.

Who can apply?
Any employee of a Chamber member may apply: however, this official Russellville Regional Leadership Academy form must be used. A selection and admission committee, which remains anonymous, selects individuals to participate. The applicant must not be a candidate for public office at the time of application. 

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